Queen, don’t lose sleep🌙

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, Don’t lose sleep worrying about your problems or enemies. Every problem has a solution. Seek to fully understand the problem then you will find the solution. God reminds us that he would make our enemies our footstools. Be easy and rest well. Everything is going to be alright. Joy, Love, Grace to… Read More

Queen, don’t stop shining, radiate like the Son✨✨✨

Hey gorgeous queen🤗🤗🤗, Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Beautiful. Don’t stop shining. You don’t need anyone’s permission to let your light shine. So here it is. Consider this your invitation to ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT✨✨✨✨!! Even when you’re afraid, don’t stop shining. Even if you feel dismayed, don’t stop shining. Even when it hurts, don’t stop… Read More

Queen, stop making excuses; God hasn’t changed his mind about you.

  Hey gorgeous queen🤗🤗🤗, Today, as you establish your plans for the week, remember to dream and plan big. God hasn’t changed his mind about you, the gifts he’s given you or his purpose for your life. Plan with the future in mind and remember to always present your best. I remember writing my first… Read More

Queen, be generous with your love❤️

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, Today, think about the idea of becoming even more liberal or generous with your love. Think about ways you can show love as a verb or demonstration and not just an internal emotion. I am grateful that God’s decision to love me was not at all based on the merit of whether… Read More

Queen, Be encouraged today with a prayer

Hey Gorgeous Queen, I offer a prayer of encouragement for you today. May you embrace and fully receive God’s everlasting and unconditional love this day. May it overwhelm you, drive out all fear, and heal every area you are hurting. Father God, I present to you each person that will read this message. May they… Read More

Queen, don’t build it if you aren’t willing to fail and rebuild as needed

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, Anything worth building is worth being rebuilt. Pause. Think about it. If the effort you put into building something delivers the insight, wisdom, mistakes, losses, and gains that prepare you to build the next greater, bigger, stronger, and better thing, but you are unwilling to sacrifice what was for what could be… Read More

Queen, you are gifted so Unlock Your Wealth Success Chamber

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, I strongly believe everyone was born with an amazing and unique gift that separates a person from the rest. Yes, you have a very special gift, that when used at the peak of its potential can transform your life and will undeniably make your world a better place. When an individual gains… Read More

Queen, Don’t Quit, There’s Hope

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, I know sometimes you get tired, or grow weary, but don’t quit. I know you may feel like you aren’t seeing the fruit of your efforts yet but don’t quit. I know you may not see the point in continuing to overextend yourself to that family member that just doesn’t seem to… Read More

Queen, make room for more

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, Have you ever evaluated your life and said to yourself, I need to get rid of some things? Perhaps you want to experience something new but you don’t know where it’s going to fit? Maybe it’s a new piece of furniture, a new hobby, or a new habit you want to form.… Read More

Queen, Never Stop Believing

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, Today, simply put is all about your belief. What do you really believe about Yourself? What do you really believe about your family? Your Spouse? Your Children? Your Health? Your Career? Your Wealth? Now ask yourself, are the results you see reflective of what you really believe? Are the results or the… Read More

Queen, Never stop shining

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, In a day where it seems many live their lives unhappy, uncentered, negative, miserable, and without hope, remember to never stop shining your light. So many are searching for answers to the question about the meaning of life, their purpose, destiny, and haven’t yet realized their search really is for our Father… Read More

My Prayer for You Today

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, I hope and pray all is well with you today. May I offer a simple and quick prayer for you? Father God in Heaven, I come to you on behalf of everyone who comes into contact with this post both directly or indirectly. I pray you forgive us all where we have… Read More

Queen, What’s your dream?

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, What’s on your mind today? What have you been seeing in your dreams? What goals have you set that you want achieved? Are you stressed looking at the present? Are you exhausted trying to figure it all out? Are you growing tired and weary just thinking about how this, that, and everything… Read More

Queen, take time for rest

Hey gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗, As you are out here in the world, shining, using your gifts, loving people, working hard, giving, serving, building your career or business, trying to eat right and be healthy too, make sure you consistently make time for rest. Some may say you can rest when you are dead, but remember if… Read More

Queen, Create Your Opportunity

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗, In an age where right and wrong are painfully becoming more and more subjective, it is now more important than ever for mothers to exemplify the grace and beauty that accompanies the stature of being a true queen. Our daughters are looking for us as their example of beauty, elegance, love, and… Read More

She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. Blog

Be Gorgeous. Be Excellent. Be the one to Radiate God’s Magnificence. Be “That Queen” who wears her C.R.O.W.N.S.  C-courage, R-resilience, O-opulence, W-wisdom, N-noteworthy, S-strategy.  Who we are: She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. is a Faith-based blog and community of high-achieving women who desire to honor God holistically, adding value to their family, health, relationships, finances, workplace, business,… Read More