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Hi , I’m Nikita Lawrence, Executive President, People Transformation Consultant, International Corporate Speaker, Team Synergy Expert and The Wealth Success Leadership Strategist®. As a Women  in Leadership Advocate, I count it a joy and honor to work as partners with corporations and leaders who want to experience transformation for life, leadership, and business success. I help clients identify and implement solutions that result in more confidence, more courage, more clarity, more peace, more joy, more abundance, and more profitability. I teach clients how to design the life, business, and career they want and deserve using my proven system for success!


I’ve been blessed to become an international bestselling author, certified speaker, teacher, and coach, and all while being a loving wife to an amazing husband and an inspiring mom to an incredible little girl. For more information about my background or bio, click here. Nikita Lawrence_Speaker Sheet_Source

We have had a blast developing our Wealth Success Chamber System for private coaching clients and corporate partnerships. Our proven systems enable individuals and teams to gain clarity, confidence, and courage on the purpose and vision that is required for efficiency, profitability, and success!

Our Amazing Clients

We work with leaders who are sharp, successful, decisive, and coachable. While our clients are quite diverse, each client holds a common thread that separates our community from others. The beautiful thread that ties our clients together rests in their desire to use their God-given gifts to their greatest potential and their generosity to serve others with authenticity, joy, confidence, love and courage. We also help our clients Design Wealthy Lifestyles Of Love, Harmony, and Success without the stress of burnout, isolation, and loneliness. While our clients are not experiencing financial burden, they are experiencing an emotional and physical burnout that appears in many forms you may be familiar with.

Burnout can be recognized in one or more of the following: never being able to say “NO” without guilt or shame, short and restless nights, intense and stressful days, not enough hours in the day, being the “answer”, “antidote”, and “fixer” to everyone and anyone, all while not moving forward in your own personal goals, dreams, aspirations, and vision. The BURNOUT may also appear as an uncomfortable act of always coming second, third, or heck sometimes not evening making the list of all things “PRIORITY”, while slowly drowning trying desperately to manage and “balance” it ALL and STILL have Time Freedom, Peace, Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to live a meaningful life of Harmony, Purpose, and Destiny. Sound Familiar? Well, there’s hope for you my friend. You can live a life of harmony, wealth and success! You just need a little support, and we have the right system you need that will rid negative thought patterns while affirming your true identity, discovering your purpose, and developing your vision to design your Wealthy Lifestyle!

If you’ve made it this far on the page, our culture and values have resonated with you in some way, shape, or form. Let’s not just stop here. Take the first step to design your lifestyle in a way that honors and values your Creator and his Magnificent Creation (You)!

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For more information about our leadership development consulting systems,  please review the product catalog below or visit my John Maxwell Leadership Site for additional information.

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What I really want you to know about me is that number one,  I LOVE  Jesus, people, laughter, music, all things beautiful, strawberry banana smoothies, and helping female CEOs, Corporate Executives, Fortune 500 companies,  Business Owners and teams realize the absolute PEAK of their potential. While you may be a “tiny bit” interested in my management and Human Resource Business Partner background and experience of eight years in an $850+ million dollar retail operation, working with thousands of employees and nearly a thousand managers, I’m sure by now you are much MORE interested in how quickly I can serve and support you in getting the results you are looking for. Well, wait no more! Let’s start designing your Wealthy Lifestyle Of harmony, clarity, and success! Schedule my strategy session today

Hey, I wish you all the best and nothing less! I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Big hugs,