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Greetings to you! I’m Nikita Lawrence, Executive President, Team Synergy Expert and The Wealth Success Leadership Strategist. I’ve been blessed to become an international bestselling author, certified speaker, teacher, and coach, and all while being a wife to an amazing husband and mom to an incredible little girl. To learn more about my background as a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, teacher, and coach, please click here.

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My recent book entitled, “The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber” is a catalyst that aids readers in unlocking their own gateway to destiny, wealth, and success by systematically creating the blueprint to uncover the identity, purpose, and vision for their lives.

What I really want you to know about me is that number one,  I LOVE  Jesus, people, laughter, music, all things beautiful, strawberry banana smoothies, and helping female CEOs, Corporate Executives, entrepreneurs, and teams realize the absolute PEAK of their potential. While you may be a “tiny bit” interested in more about my background in management and HR, I’m sure you are much MORE interested in how I can serve and support you 🙂 

I’ve been blessed to develop products, systems, and services that highly support successful  female CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Executives  that have already achieved much success, many accomplishments and now desire greater harmony, clarity, and Wealth holistically.

This may appear in many forms including: short and sleepless nights, stressful days, not enough hours in the day, being the “answer”, “antidote”, and  “fixer” to everyone and anyone, all while not moving forward in your own personal goals, dreams, aspirations, and vision. The BURNOUT may also appear as an uncomfortable act of always coming second, third, or heck sometimes not evening making the list of all things “PRIORITY”, while slowly drowning trying desperately to manage and “balance” it ALL and STILL have Time Freedom, Peace, Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to live a meaningful life of Harmony, Purpose, and Destiny.  Sound Familiar? Well, there’s hope for you my friend. You can live a life of harmony, purpose, wealth, success, and destiny, you just need some support! I’ve got you!

Check out our product and services page to learn more and schedule a strategy session so that together we can create the solution that will yield the greatest result to you in the next year!

I look forward to connecting with you soon-



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